The minimal wardrobe, revisited

Over the past few months I have been steadily decreasing the amount of clothing I own and curating what I leave behind into a collection that is largely mix and match and full of favorites. I have had inspiration from Miss Minimalist, Shari Braendel, Living More with Less, The 333 project and more. Black is … [Read more…]

6 Things about Binghamton that make me want to live out of a bus anywhere else and 1 good thing

The other day I came up with a new slogan for my hometown. “Binghamton: Beautiful Deadness” I have lived here for 28 years and threaten to leave frequently. My husband and I started this whole “simplicity” thing in order to downsize our stuff so someday we can make a quick tidy exit. Alas, my parents … [Read more…]