Live and die

  This is my window sill today and most days. No idea why I am collecting GM bottles. I really only need one. I am sure we enjoyed them though and a 4th may join them soon. The one I need is intended for my husbands final resting place, albeit after a bit of, um, … [Read more…]

Chuck the phone

Does anyone else have fantasies of just chucking your cell phone, buying a Princess phone (click to see what that is if you don’t know) and just going all commando as you venture into the world? I do. Daily. And I don’t even have anyone calling me except when I am at work. I got my … [Read more…]

A perfect shade of pale

I’ve decided to embrace paleness this year. Every summer I start off with self tanner the minute I see my eerily white legs emerge from the layers of warmth I have surrounded myself with all winter. ALL WINTER. It’s scary. In fact, I tried on a pair of bone colored shoes the other day. Super … [Read more…]

Ratatouille soup

A few weeks ago we decided to make ratatouille because after watching the Remy the rat make it so many times, it really looked good (as far as cartoon food goes, anyway…). I tried a couple different versions all at the same time since I had purchased WAY too many vegetables and went crazy in … [Read more…]

Perfect day

Have you ever considered what your perfect day would be? Have you thought, oh, my perfect day would be to wake up, get a massage, be fed delicious food and hot perfectly brewed coffee in bed, take a hot bath, then leisurely stroll through your pampered day and then watch the sunset with a loved … [Read more…]


Pretend you have reached the “perfection” of minimalism. You have Kondo’d your life. Everything has been cleaned, decluttered, simplified, culled, curated, purged and pruned. You own nothing that does not spark joy, wasn’t useful or beautiful, didn’t hold intense personal value, makes you turn cartwheels or burst into song upon seeing it. Your home and … [Read more…]

Less house

I wrote a bit ago about how much space we use and what we really need. At the time I thought that about 1200 sq feet would be adequate. I’m not really into building a “micro” house. Living in the northeast and freezing my rear off for 9 months out of the year doesn’t lend itself … [Read more…]