Did you ever watch Miami Vice? I started watching it in high school and even then it was re-runs. My friends and I somehow thought drug cartels were glamorous and, well,  Don Johnson was gorgeous and oh so cool wearing shoes without socks…

Why did I choose the term “vice”? Excellent question!

I think that we, as human beings, being the sinful creatures that we are and sorely in need of rescuing, are prone to liking some things a tad too much. We are prone to vice.

The Cambridge dictionary online defined vice as:

a moral fault or weakness in a person’s character.

And that was the kindest definition I found!

I think of vice as a sort of inherent wink worthy type of wickedness that comes from overindulgence in one’s desires and, reading that, I can see how it can be defined as Cambridge does. I also think that in strictly biblical terms it is something best avoided but for my purposes, let’s just wink at it, shall we?

I don’t subscribe to any overt sin such as sloth or gluttony or drunkenness and I wouldn’t support any behavior that is detrimental to the soul. I do admit to some weakness for a good French wine and an occasional cigar.  Perhaps a penchant for clothing made of good fabrics that last for years but cost much more than one might pay at Target could border on a vice when one refuses to wear anything less. Or, demanding and receiving excellent healthcare with the insurance to pay for it (or any other similar service) while others go without could also qualify,  given the right circumstances.

In any case, the title was a wink at those things we all do which are not perfect or pure or pristine and that we are likely to continue doing and enjoying while otherwise pursuing all those other good and responsible things we should all be doing such as a healthy diet, fiscal responsibility and loving and caring for each other.

I am clearly NOT Jesus and that’s ok. His grace is sufficient for all of us.