A perfect shade of pale

I’ve decided to embrace paleness this year. Every summer I start off with self tanner the minute I see my eerily white legs emerge from the layers of warmth I have surrounded myself with all winter. ALL WINTER. It’s scary. In fact, I tried on a pair of bone colored shoes the other day. Super cute but NOT with uber pale legs. So not cute.

So then the slathering begins and it just goes downhill from there. I don’t care how much you pay for self tanner and what they claim, it never turns out quite right. There is always some weird line on your toes or at your wrists or God forbid you sweat after you put it on, it’s a mess. Then your face is a totally different color because it is shielded by 30 layers of sunscreen and makeup to prevent aging and because of exfoliation self tanner just doesn’t stick. Then it all just looks like you are trying way too hard (and you probably are) and that laid back California golden girl look just goes down the drain.

Since grey hair seems to be all the rage and I have temporarily given up hair dye, I figure giving up self tanner isn’t all that much more of a stretch. I don’t own a pair of shorts I would leave the house in at the moment so the risk of offending anyone is greatly decreased. All 3 of the skirts I own go at least to the knee and 2 of them are only for work anyway. I stay in jeans or pants until I possibly can and depending on the summer here I could possibly make it all year with my legs covered. Glory be!

But what about bathing suits?

Where can I get a burq-ini?

Well, if bubba can display his beer gut for all the world to admire on the beach then I’m gonna pull out the whiter shade of pale legs and throw all caution to the wind. You gotta live a little, right?

Embrace the pale.


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  1. Tricia

    Actually a pale shoe/ sandal with say mid length Jean elongates your legs!!!! Go for that! Other wise sunscreen and the natural look except I will wear makeup!!!!!!! I have to!

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