Transportation: part 1

I drive a fairly old car. Compared to most of my friends, it’s an antique. I bought my 2002 Volvo wagon in 2006 because I had heard that Volvo’s could last 1 million miles. They even have a club for that. A year later, one week short of the warranty expiring, the transmission died. Volvo … [Read more…]

Jenny Joseph – Warning

I love this poem. I may have purple hair. Or blue. Who knows? But there will be cigars and at my last, a buttery croissant!

Creating a space you simply love

I have recently been reading a new-ish book about the home called The Nesting Place¬†* by Myquillin Smith. I bought this in November after reading about it on a blog somewhere. Why I will never know because I typically decorate once a dn leave it at that for years and lately I’ve been trying to … [Read more…]