I don’t know what to do.

Does this ever happen to you? I have something I want. But, I don’t want to over-want it because, well, you know, I am striving toward minimalism. I shouldn’t want anything too much. And then, if I do decide to acquire something it should be of good quality so it will last and I won’t have to replace it too soon. Like, ever. Because I’m a minimalist. YET, because I don’t want to over-want it and I want to make the BEST decision about it and not pollute the earth, exploit vulnerable people, shop locally, think  globally, be practical/functional/versatile and not status-label minded, all I do is obsess over the decision because it might just be the end of my world if I choose the wrong thing.  In the end, I make no decision because, well, indecision. It’s too risky.

And all I wanted was a tote bag because the one I have drives me crazy because to flops over and don’t hold its shape. Good grief.

I think I suck at minimalism sometimes…

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