The car died. But that’s better than the rabbit…

Well. I think my car just died. I never even got around to writing about my plan on what I was going to replace it with when it really did finally die. It’s been a bit testy lately but every time I take it to the garage it behaves. Today it was being extra naughty and then I saw it: the transmission light came on. Uh oh. Been there. Done that. First new transmission was put in in 2007 when the car was 5. 8 years later and the car is 13. So what do you say? Do I resuscitate this thing again or just buy a new one?

Did I mention I want a new car REALLY REALLY bad? But I REALLY REALLY don’t want a car payment. In fact, we were just talking about this after church yesterday. I mean, the washing machine is currently broken. So is the dishwasher. I was going to replace the dishwasher after vacation. Washing machine is supposedly getting fixed but if it is too expensive we may just replace it. Do you know of any place that sells dishwashers, washing machines and cars all under one roof? Maybe we could get a discount.

I can live without a dishwasher. I can live without a washing machine (and have been for a month). Can’t really live without my car when both my husband and I work and our kids need to go somewhere. We live far enough out of town that there is no public transportation and you can’t walk anywhere. I don’t even own a bike. Maybe it’s time to get a Vespa? How cool would that be?

In the name of frugality I am having my mechanic take a look see at the tranny and let me know what the damages might be. Really though, wouldn’t it be better to pay $1500 to replace the transmission and get 5 more years out of the car than pay $20K + interest on a new one? I was holding out hope that this car would last another couple of years. Three years would be awesome.  Let us pray…

What do you think? Junk it? Replace it? Repair it?

Honk Honk!


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  1. I have been waiting for damn near three years to talk about this bike!! A good buddy of mine is the designer. I still can’t spill much, but I can confirm there are two versions, that syling will be nice, but coatinveonnlly reserved Triumph (read: purposefull). The off-road version should more than easily trump the GS in the dirt and give the KTM a straight up fight as well. The road version will obviously be more along the lines of the current Tiger.

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