I’m in love with “granny panties”

So this is a bit of a cheeky post (maybe pun intended) but sometimes the details in life can make all the difference.

I’ll admit that for most of my life I thought “fancy” panties were the way to go. I had/have them in every color and with fancy lace and such. But then, every time you put on pants you are in danger of needing to change your underpants because they show through or you can see a line, etc.  For a while years ago I tried thongs, aka “butt floss.” After a few trials and errors I found some that were actually sort of comfortable and soft but after my twins were born they just sat there until I threw them out. I mean really, a thong with a nursing bra?

I want something fairly sturdy. Sturdy= control. Let’s face it, there is more to control the older you get. Cotton underwear from Hanes don’t last. They get holes in them after about 6 months. And VS is the biggest culprit of show through because good luck finding a pair without some type of bulky adornment. They also tend to cover not much and even less if you,  uh, don’t, uh, “groom.”  (I promise no further comments on this area…) I know there are some women out there who think their husbands won’t look at them if they don’t wear “sexy” underwear but if your husband is that shallow and doesn’t want to throw himself at you regardless of your underwear then you may have bigger issues… I’m not saying that occasionally wearing something pin up worthy is bad (I hear some guys go for this…) but for every day? Nah.

So my goal in this regard is to wear something that won’t show through and will make me look fairly good in my clothes. I don’t want to feel frumpy either. In comes satiny granny panties. I found them at Target and they claimed to help your belly and behind look better, they weren’t hideous and they came in colors that go with everything. Or rather, that you can’t see through anything. They are comfortable and they kind of remind me of the girls on Mad Men. I can buy them in great quantities and never need to buy any other kind of underwear. I can’t think of anything you couldn’t wear them under. I’m slowly replacing all the others as they wear out. It’s ONE LESS THING I have to think about. For me, that’s the greatest thing. It makes it simple.

Now I need to find the ultimate simple bra. One that goes well with granny panties yet doesn’t make me want to burn it by lunch. This may take awhile…

Have a cheeky day 😉


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