Live and die

I call my decorating style “Frathouse”


This is my window sill today and most days. No idea why I am collecting GM bottles. I really only need one. I am sure we enjoyed them though and a 4th may join them soon. The one I need is intended for my husbands final resting place, albeit after a bit of, um, modification of his remaining cells (AKA cremation). Personally, I’d prefer a velvet lined genie bottle but I will happily join him in one of these if I can’t locate one prior to my own demise. I am sure it sounds horribly sacrilege to some of you but truly I don’t take death lightly. However, it does come to us all one away or another and I don’t think we should shy away from that fact. this is your last chance to get your way and since our culture has a general reverence for the dying and dead, it may actually be your best shot. I highly recommend contemplating your own death and writing down what you want done. Your relations will thank you when the time comes provided it isn’t overly awkward. I am fairly certain copious amounts of Grand Marnier shall accompany both my own and my husbands parting.

Today, I wrote a post for my friend Anne Carlson Kennedy’s (isn’t that most fabulous name. Her “other” middle name is Elizabeth. And mine, Anne. It’s just fate.) blog, Preventing Grace. I wrote about death, of course, because why not? I do hope you will read it, share it and most of all, enjoy it. Read it HERE.




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