Greetings! If you have been here before you are probably wondering what happened? Where is imperfectly simple? Well, it’s right here, rebranded, reformulated, squeaky, shiny and a much better reflection of the things yours truly loves and lives every day. I am a generally thrifty person who is not afraid to admit that I have a couple (few) vices and I figured that someone out there would appreciate hearing about it and perhaps get some advice they were looking for or even some encouragement. I am a mom, wife, nurse, nurse practitioner, friend, consumer, celiac, celiac mom, TWIN mom, shoe lover, legging wearer (they are totally “pants”), winter grumbling type and I am not ashamed of any of it. I love wine and Jesus but not necessarily in that order. And mostly I think we all need balance between being responsible with the bounty we are (or are not) given and just plain enjoying life. So please, stick around and I hope I can be of some service, even if that only service is to make you laugh at my crazy life! Welcome!! 🙂