1. It’s true that vacations can be exhausting. That’s the where the saying “I need a vacation from my vacation” comes from. Something my husband always do when we go on vacation is give ourselves at least one, usually two, days at home after vacation to wind down and relax at home before going back to work. Vacations can be especially challenging when there are children involved. It’s true that sometimes it’s easier to do something simple. We always tell our kids, especially the 6 year old, exactly what to expect before we go, and that it is our vacation too and we’re not going to entertain them the entire time. My favorite part about vacations is breaking up our routine and the change of scenery.
    I also take my kids camping a lot. I don’t think people realize how much WORK camping really is, packing, setting up and breaking down. I enjoy the challenge and exploring nature, but if your trying to relax camping is not the way to go.
    There are also times when all my husband and I want is our own house, to ourselves, with no demands or noise. So we get a sitter or make plans for our kids and have a little stay-cation to enjoy our own home peacefully 🙂

    • My mother loves to go camping. I have agreed to go for a girls night out camping with my little girls. One night. For her all the work even for 1 or 2 nights is worth it. I figure, even if it’s a lot of work, doing it for my mom is worth it. 🙂

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