1. Valerie

    You hit the nail on the head when you wrote eating less and exercise. (Boo!) I too have been on WW (multiple times-even made life member)and have been at goal weight 3 or 4 times-once there, I (wrongly) assumed that I could stop following what had worked and go back to my ‘normal’ (i.e. NOT cooking 2 separate meals, one for me & one for them) which explains my clothes not fitting AGAIN. I tried Paleo and LOVED it. I was never hungry, lost 15 pounds the first few weeks and continued to lose slowly after that. I would spend 3-4 hours shopping and prepping on Sunday so I could just throw meals together during the week. My husband was onboard, he liked the food (missed his beer during the first 30 days but survived), saw some weight loss as well. What happened you ask? The Boy came back from college and he is a carbohydrate freak. As in can’t.live.without.__________(name your favorite carb here). And his father makes his lunch for him almost every day. So there are breads, cookies, chips, etc. here. And, as much as I try not to, I eat them. They are cheap, fast and easy; and I am cheap, fat and lazy. Why spend 10 minutes cutting up the bag of carrots to munch on when I can tear into a bag of salty, delicious (and decidedly unhealthy) Doritos?
    I know that I must hold myself accountable, no one puts the food in my mouth but me. But lifestyle changes are so much more doable when there is actual support (family/friends may say they are supportive but if their actions aren’t supportive; well,then they aren’t.) or if you live alone. Now there’s a thought…………

  2. Sarah

    Well I can totally relate. And my 37 year old body is having the same problem… I miss 30 dearly. I hear all of this recent talk and articles about embracing yourself, embracing your weight, your body just the way you are and I have to be honest…it makes me want to vomit. Talk about just giving up on yourself. I know in my heart that diets won’t work and there are no magic pills even though I desperately want there to be. I write this as a lay on the couch at 6:54pm, the first I have sat down in a relaxing environment all day after a crazy work day. Where does one find the motivation to get up and move anyway?? Dinner? At this hour? Aren’t I supposed to be cutting off my food intake by this time of night???
    Keep me posted on your diet research for middle aged women.

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