1. jameshull

    It is my honor to wash your dishes, lug the clothes to the laundromat if necessary, mow your lawn, fix what needs fixing and buy you pug puppies. You are my life – an awesome woman and a most excellent writer.

  2. Liz, you live such an inspired and inspiring life. More people would benefit from taking after some of your habits and practices and applying them to their own lives. It’s so important to reflect on what we really need and what we can do without. You sound like you breathe fresher air and appreciate so much more. It sounds like you have more time to really enjoy life, versus being a slave to certain norms that our culture has created. I am excited for you! Great post! Thanks for sharing and encouraging readers like me to take a more simple approach to life!

    • Thank you Ina! I’m just sharing my journey because I find is so helpful to read about other people too. Once you break out of “the mold” you realize how crazy it all is. You also realize how good it feels to no longer be running the rat race in the maze that never ends! I hope you come back and enjoy more 🙂

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