A perfect shade of pale

I’ve decided to embrace paleness this year. Every summer I start off with self tanner the minute I see my eerily white legs emerge from the layers of warmth I have surrounded myself with all winter. ALL WINTER. It’s scary. In fact, I tried on a pair of bone colored shoes the other day. Super … [Read more…]

Ratatouille soup

A few weeks ago we decided to make ratatouille because after watching the Remy the rat make it so many times, it really looked good (as far as cartoon food goes, anyway…). I tried a couple different versions all at the same time since I had purchased WAY too many vegetables and went crazy in … [Read more…]

What to do with leftover corned beef

It’s “Parade Weekend” in Binghamton. The whole town pretty much celebrates St Patricks Day for the entire month of March (or at least the cool people do…) and we usually have corned beef a couple of  times to celebrate. Yesterday we had our traditional corned beef with cabbage, carrots and potatoes. We didn’t add Guinness since … [Read more…]