What to do with leftover corned beef

It’s “Parade Weekend” in Binghamton. The whole town pretty much celebrates St Patricks Day for the entire month of March (or at least the cool people do…) and we usually have corned beef a couple of  times to celebrate. Yesterday we had our traditional corned beef with cabbage, carrots and potatoes. We didn’t add Guinness since … [Read more…]

Sunday Afternoon Short: How to make gluten free cupcakes

  Directions for gluten free cupcakes: 1. Be sure you have all your ingredients on hand 2. Have your husband make them. With the children. Preferably while you nap. Easiest. Recipe. Ever. Enjoy! Liz ps- the child singing in the shower after making said cupcakes makes this all the more enjoyable 😉 pps- FYI he … [Read more…]